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How crops sound can now enable a more profitable and sustainable precision farming approach

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Agriculture, Technology & Sustainability are more intertwined than ever. With a consistent, loyal customer base of over 7 billion consumers increasingly focus on sustainability, health, and freshness placing significant pressure on the industry to innovate. K9 Crops new Plant-Language-As-A-Service will transform yield mapping, help elevate crop growers enterprise value, and support more sustainable farming! 

Latest News 

Plants emit airborne sounds when stressed 

Dec 19


A team of biologists at Tel-Aviv University, Israel, has discovered that stressed plants emit sounds — similarly to many animals — using ultrasonic clicks not detectable by human ears, and found that these sounds carry information about the physiological state of the plant.

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Understanding plant sounds

Dec 19


Developed machine learning models are capable of distinguishing between plant sounds and general noises, and identifying the condition of the plants — dry, cut, or intact — based solely on the emitted sounds.