How detecting and understanding crops sound works 

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Scientific research has proven that
  • plants emit informative airborne sounds in the ultrasonic spectrum when under stress 
  • airborne sounds can be recorded remotely up to 15-feet away by some organisms
  • canines amongst other organisms have the capacity to hear in the ultrasonic spectrum
  • canines can be trained to patrol crop fields  
How K9 Crops Works
  • Our K9 Crops Cops are equipped with an onboard computer, which is responsible for data collection, communication, and real-time ultrasonic analysis. Two ultrasonic microphones provide stereospecificity to input and provide the means for computational noise reduction through differential analysis.

  • The K9 is equipped with a left, right and center vibration device that is controlled by the onboard computer to navigate the K9 to problem areas as well as insure field coverage.

  • Raw ultrasonic and visual data is stored locally on the device and uploaded to the host computer when the K9 has returned to its base position.

  • In addition to base data collection, the on-K9 computer processes abnormalities in ultrasonic data, as well as all known plant vocabulary signatures. 

  • During operation, each K9 vest is transmitting status information through onboard satellite communication to provide real-time field analysis.

  • Once the K9 has returned, all aggregate information including GPS correlated Virtual Reality imagery is uploaded through cellular communication to provide a complete “picture” of the field including actionable derived data from plant communication patterns.

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Plant Language Service:
  • Individual plant health is assessed
  • Abnormalities are identified
  • Crop health visualization
  • Actionable data presentation
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1. Higher Crop Yield
2. Lower Operating Cost